The Ultimate Shopify Theme for Large Catalog Shops

Premium Shopify theme with a tech-forward feel and advanced features such as customizable banner grids, product page with widgets, product guides, and more.
Pre-Built Starter Sites

Preset Power Pack

Revamp your store in minutes with 5 customizable starter sites.


Preset that boasts a sleek and modern layout perfect for any tech store looking to showcase their latest products.


Featuring a rugged and industrial design the preset is ideal for stores selling tools, equipment, car supplies, and more.

Business Equipment

Professional and clean layout make this preset a perfect fit for office supplies and furniture stores.


Trendy and eye catching, this preset is sure to attract young and old and is perfect for stores selling toys, clothing, and more.

Pet Supplies

Create a cute and whimsical shopping experience for pet lovers with our Pet Supplies preset, designed for stores selling food, toys, grooming supplies, and accessories.
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Just one purchase and you unlock all five of Stockmart's presets.
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Dark Mode.
Low-Light Shopping Made Easy

Just a touch of a button and you transform your store's aesthetics to a modern and bold look that's easy on the eyes. The low-light optimization helps your customers stay engaged and focused on your products.

Smart Mode Toggle

Our Dark Mode feature is designed to give you the ultimate browsing experience from the first-page load. The toggle automatically detects your preferred browser color scheme and saves it. Once you've chosen your preferred mode, it stays with you as you browse the site, giving you consistent and stunning design.

Try out Dark Mode Now and Embrace the Unique Style in Dark!

Additional Features

Next-Level Product Display

Showcase your inventory in a way that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Featured Products

Stage your featured products on a big scale and unique style and communicate their value to potential customers without any extra effort. Create a captivating display that tells the story of your products and showcases them at best.

Featured Product Slider

Showcase your featured products with a sleek design and convenient style. Make it convenient for your customers to slide and explore items that they may not have otherwise considered.

Product Slideshow

Create a visually stunning display of your products and showcase your brand in the best light possible. Run a stylish and functional product slideshow to give your customers a closer look at what you have to offer.

Mega Menu

Upgrade your shopping experience with our new Shopify theme featuring a customizable Mega Menu. Showcase your top products and promotions with ease, and provide an intuitive navigation experience.

Video Banner

Seamlessly integrate compelling autoplay videos with customizable text and button styles to create stunning banner sections that engage and visually delight your audience.

Slideshow Section

Combine captivating slides featuring background images, customizable overlay text, and the option to enable autoplay with adjustable speed, to create an unforgettable and immersive experience.

Collapsible Content Section (FAQ)

Enhance your website's content presentation with our sleek collapsible sections, providing an organized and user-friendly experience for FAQs, product details, tutorials, and beyond.

Language Selector

Cater to a global customer base enabling them to select their preferred language with a click right from the header.

Back-to-top button

No matter how far down your customers have gone on your store, take them back to the top of the page with just a click.

Age Verifier

Take control of customer safety and legal compliance and create a secure shopping experience with a built-in age verification feature.

Sticky Header

Ensure effortless navigation and consistent access to essential elements throughout the browsing journey.


Dynamic Countdown Timers

Specifically designed to supercharge your online store. Merchants can now effortlessly create a sense of urgency and drive conversions with two exciting timer options.

Simple Timer

Choose your desired duration, add captivating text elements and description, and seal the deal with an attention-grabbing button.

Image Overlay Timer

Add a compelling background image that resonates with your brand or product, and watch as the countdown ignites the desire to act.

Additional Features

Captivating Before/
After Display

Display contrasting images with a draggable slider, and add personalized text to offer customers an interactive, comprehensive view of product transformations that inspires confident purchases.


Maximize Your Sales with Optimized Catalog

A product layout that is designed to boost sales by providing a sleek and engaging display that captures customers' attention. With numerous filters and easy-to-use navigation, displaying your products has never been easier.


Customizable Product Layout

With a variety of design options and settings to choose from, you can create a layout that matches your brand's style and showcases your products in the best possible light.


Advanced Filters

Numerous filters for categories, tags, price range, and more, enable customers to quickly and easily narrow down their search results and find exactly what they need.


Improved Sales Performance

By optimizing the layout of your product catalog and making it easy for customers to find what they need your Shopify store is undoubtedly bound to unrivaled success.


Infinite Scroll

Delight customers with seamless browsing as pages/articles load automatically, providing endless content without interruptions.

Give Your Customers the Shopping Experience They Deserve and Watch Your Sales Skyrocket!

Product Page

Optimized Product Page.
The Most Powerful Sales Tool

Packed with innovative tools and user-friendly features our highly optimized Product Page will enable you to showcase your products and drive sales like never before. product-page

Discover the Ultimate Solution Your Needs!


Related Products

Located conveniently under the product description, our optimized and carefully crafted sections of related products are specifically designed to entice customers with relevant and complementary products. From cross-sells to upsells, our powerful theme is guaranteed to drive sales and enhance the customer experience.


Product Labels

Highlight key product features via multiple product labels with icons, that are perfect for capturing customers' attention.

product-labels product-labels

Color Swatches

Allow your customers to visualize the product in different colors before making a purchase with Color Swatches that combine style with convenience.


Sticky Product Data

Keep your customers engaged and informed with Shopify's sticky product data feature, ensuring that critical product information is always within reach.


Product Attributes

Help your customers make informed purchase decisions with beautifully designed product attributes that allow easy comparison and contrast product options.


Quick View

Elevate your customers' shopping experience! Allow them instantly preview product details and add items to the cart without ever leaving the collection page. The better the shopping experience the better the sales!


Stock Counter

Offer customers the clarity they crave with live stock updates, spurring quick purchases, and streamlined shopping.


Variant Pickers

Seamlessly switch between variant picker styles, empowering your store with choice and flexibility on product pages.


Make Every Visit Count with Alluring Popups

Popups that are designed to captivate your customers with irresistible offers and promotions, encouraging them to take action and increase sales.

Smart Triggers that Convert

Say hello to the ultimate conversion boosters! Keep your customers engaged with perfectly timed popups that offer the hottest deals, showcase new products, or simply asks for the email address.

  • card-image

    Scroll Position Triggered

    Present tailored offers and messages as visitors scroll and navigate your website, thus increasing conversions and enhancing user satisfaction.
  • card-image

    Delay Triggered

    Enhance your online store's user experience by setting custom delay timings for popups. Engage visitors at just the right moment, boosting conversions and customer satisfaction.
  • card-image

    Exit Intent Triggered

    Don't let your customers slip away! Display targeted messages as customers hover their mouse to exit. Take one last chance to engage with them and drive conversions.

Popup Layouts
that Suite Your Brand

Choose from a variety of designs to showcase your products, announce promotions, or capture email addresses. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily customize the layouts to fit your brand's unique style.


Make Your Brand Buzz

Create customer-focused blog posts an how-to guides showcase your customer stories, publish press releases, and share instantly on social media with quick-buttons. Premium tools and resources to support your marketing efforts.


Dynamic Post Layouts

Feature big header images, columns, and comment boxes for an engaging reader experience. Customize your blog's look with these modern, streamlined designs for a professional touch.


Guides that Sell

Whether you're an expert in your field or just getting started, our guides provide the perfect platform to showcase your knowledge and provide value to your audience. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily create and customize guides that reflect your brand's unique style. Take your content marketing to the next level!


Endless Design Flexibility

Choose from a range of customizable settings to create a unique blog design that captures your brand's personality and engages your audience.


Social Media Sharing Done Right

Quick-sharing social media buttons allow readers to instantly share your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. All helps you get more eye-balls, and ultimately, more sales.

Join the Ranks
of World-Class Brands

With a wide range of powerful features designed to optimize your product catalog and enhance the customer experience, our theme is the perfect choice for brands looking to elevate their digital presence. Upgrade now and unlock the potential of your online store!

Additional Features

Other Exclusive Features
to Help You Sell Even More

  • features-image

    Responsive for Every Screen

    Super-responsive, smart, and automatically adaptable for every device and screen size – so you never lose a customer.

  • features-image

    Truly Fast-Action

    Ultra-responsive design, swift navigation, and rapid page loads for a seamless shopping experience.

  • features-image

    Simple & Quick Setup

    All it takes is just one click to build your Shopify store. Built for everyone – zero coding knowledge needed.

  • features-image

    Built on OS 2.0

    Battle-tested and approved. More speed, more flexibility, more ease, and more opportunities for you.

  • features-image

    Exclusive Collection Description

    A big exclusive section that lets you describe the vision & inspirations behind collections in the most persuasive way.

  • features-image

    Advanced Video Customization

    Transform your store's video experience with customizable options like Autoplay, Mute, Controls, Loop, and Aspect Ratio.


Tailored Theme Customization Services

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